spider bites and dreaded phone calls

OK so today kinda bites. (no pun intended) a stupid spider (i knew my fear was no joke!) bit me on my shoulder which has in turn caused severe pain in my left shoulder, neck and leg....mmm nice. Today I started to worry so i took some benadryl and immediately entered wacko land. i've been loopy ever since. that's not the funny part though...so i've thought i got this job all along but this woman just called me to let me know that they've had problems in that department or something and so they're not gonna hire me now. nice huh? i had just turned another job  down...don't think i didn't call them back though! lol
so yeah. i'm back to square one. such a lonely and poor square. i don't think i like it very much. when it rains it pours...i'm hurting that i went shopping...ouch. someone please, please give a sista some air support cuz i'm suddenly feeling dizzy again. :(


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