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So my first week in La La land completed. I started off the morning quite nicely too. My past job left me with some really cool and nice contacts out here and so I met with one of them for coffee this morning and he was awesome. Not only is he hooking me up with agent information, but he gave me some good pointers on classes vs work shops and things of that nature.  Hopefully something good will come from all this. I just feel it that something big will happen.  A good friend told me today that my last name means 'worthy of good fortune'...i like that idea. I hope and pray that I find a good and decent part time job soon. I applied for two positions at a local university here (USC) and so hopefully one of the two bites. I would LOVE to continue to work for a of the jobs would allow me to work with students in the advising department. That would rock.  Even though I'm stressed about a job I still have to sit back and just thank God for real that he's made this so interesting for me. It's hard at times, but it could be so much more worse...and I have some great friends that seriously support me in ways I can't even makes me wanna pat my back...I have to be a good person to deserve friends like I have, right? It just amazes me. My goal is to keep growing, but never change the "tish" in me. ;) I figure it's done me pretty good so far!!!  It's crazy how right this can feel at times and how freaking scary and foreign it can feel two minutes later. Life's crazy, ain't it?


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