Now I am truly a movie buff!!!

ok so no one is perfect..yes i have said in the past that i am a movie buff, but then people would find out i hadn't seen star wars and i'd get the "pity head shake"...well shake no more. today my totally awesome friend and director friend sarve sat my behind down for 8 hours and we watched all of the old star wars (i saw the past three before hand to prepare--wink) and i loved them! now i'm a true movie buff so all ya'll haters beware! (evil laugh)

now it's my turn to show him a couple of movies...don't ever try to school me unless you're prepared to be schooled yourself.

as for practical matters i'm going to take a substitute teaching test so that i can do the dang thing. if the jobs won't come to me i'll come to them! how do ya'll like them apples?! ok, my tummy hurts. i'm lactose intolerant yet i refuse to give up certain down fall for sure. lactose intolerance!!!!! "stop the rocking...stop the rocking!" now what movie is that from my friends?!!!


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