my first day of hollywood work

Wow!!!! my first day of hollywood work. i'm exhausted but totally bouncing off the walls. would you expect anything less from me?! lol. so here's how it went. on friday i signed up with this casting agency called central casting and they immediately booked me for a job on the UPN show "all of us" for today. my call time was 8 am so of course i couldnt eat breakfast or anything (way too nervous) so i just got up at the butt crack of dawn and headed on the freeway and immediately realized i hadn't brought my clothes for the set yeah. so i turned around but still made it there on time with lots of time to spare. :) i wore a bad dress folks..and by bad i mean it was fly (cool whateva). i had on 4 inch heels too. i was gawking over everybody (hollywood is very short!) but it was all good. so i get there and they're herding us around like sheep when all of a sudden a personal assistant on set pulls me out to the wardrobe people  and says we're gonna make you a waitress and then the wardrobe lady says no we can't "waste" her..i had no idea what that meant but i went back inside and waited around. the set was so magical ya''s so tiny but it's just crazy that a story of someone's vision comes to life on this little biddy back lot at universal studios every day. i fell in love immediately..i've always been infatuated with hollywood (can't love it till ya know it). i tried to read a book but it wasn't happening. i just sat there and watched the technicians and assistant directors work...and then i see this little light skinned woman enter the room with a red sweatpants suit and a red wrap around her head and my mouth fell was debbie allen.  in case you don't know who that is, she happens to be one of the BEST choreographers in the world (my opinion) and directors. she directed "a different world" she did the famous african dance scene in "coming to america", "fame" and much more (google her and see) i've admired that woman since i was a small girl. so yeah i was a little star struck. i couldn't help but smile and was taken back by the other extras' inabilitity to appreciate the genius standing before's debbie allen! she picked me out of the crowd to do a scene with the main guy on the show, duane martin. he was really cool. i sat down and he asked who he would be doing the scene with, i raised my hand and he said he would get me back (watch the show to see what i did) so we sat there. i told him my friend loved him (shout out to jecarma). he asked how long i had been acting and i told him that today was my first day on a set...and he started crackin up and telling the other actor on set that it was my first day and i had already been picked out (talk about ego boost) so then we rehearsed the scene and i didn't get angry enough so i told him to say something pissy to me and so (knowing i was from KC) he told me all midwestern girls are ho' needless to say it worked and i did the scene with a special allen smiled at me and said good job. yeah for tishy!

so yes. now i'm sitting on cloud nine and don't wanna ever have to come down. i'm gonna do this guys...i can just feel it. everything i saw as a kid is gonna come true. i'm gonna make it..i'm gonna be a great actress. ;)
ps anna nicole smith was the guest actress for the day!!!!


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