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Wow...life is seriously about choices and lately it doesn't seem like I've been making some good ones...Do you believe in signs? I'm reading a book right now that explains me to a T. This girl, Sistah Souljah is intelligent and deep, but she still makes horrible life decisions...That's me! The one thing I have going for me right now is my ability to step back and look at the situation and learn from this darn stuff. I did something good yesterday though! I was in my first student film here in California. It was really fun actually. I met some great new people that I hope to have budding little friendships with and got to see folks work with 16 mm film...It was all so cool. The short film is about this guy who goes thru life walking against everyone...everyone else is backwards, walks/dresses/you get the point. Then he meets this girl who's like him and everything is suddenly right. I played the girl. :) The guy actor I worked with was really cool too. Some folks out here are so competitive they become nasty and he obviously wasn't. He didn't need to put up any fronts because he was a really good actor...and I mean good-intense even. So yeah. Good times in Montclair, CA ;)

I do another film this Thursday, Friday and that should be interesting as well ;) I love acting!


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