i'm employed!!!

I FINALLY found a job lol...now mind you it's not ideal. I'll be working a shift of 4 pm to 12:30 am (ouch!) BUT it's steady income and it gives me a little time to at least get my headshots done, get some classes in so that I can start the process of getting in the business...making my agent a very happy man. Not only did I get a job ,but I also got my first extra booking. I'll be working on the set as a background person this Monday...oh yeah. The UPN's "All of Us"...I'm pumped out of my mind. The guy who booked the job told me I have to look really 'sexy'. I said OK and hung up, jumped up and down and then froze...grammama....sexy? I don't think so. So I called on the expertise of Diva Extraordinaire, (my roommate Shannon). She took me shopping at this great cheap place and voila! I'm a bonafide sexy diva without lookin like a ho. I got this really perdy black short dress (Yes mama I'll actually show my leg above the knee--a first since I was probably 5.) and some killa 4 inch heels...Girly girls this may be nothing for you, but that's big for me...Friends. I'm changing, but it's all to the good! :)

So yeah, life's a lot better now. I was getting really down. I don't know about any of ya'll, but I really can't respect someone that doesn't have an effort to contribute their part to society (in the form of wanting to work) I just go crazy...the last three weeks were so hard. That's why the blogs were sparce but I'm back and in ready to go mode.

I just found out minutes ago that my favorite boy in the world may have a possibly reading for me with a director out here..how he pulls this stuff out of his hat I don't know, but it's for a 'real' film...one that could star Gladys Knight...um yeah folks. Lets do this shall we?!

Well tonight I'm off to another lovely get together with my roomie and her friends. Another Panamanian friend is gonna cook and do the damn thing. I'm starting to get comfortable, my bearings are coming. I'm turning a different page...did you hear it, did you see it?


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