i'm back!

ok, myspace sucks! i had this long and beauitful blog written and wham! it's gone. that's the second time that bull K#$#@ has happened...grrrr

well what i was trying to say was, today was a much better day. i was starting to get a little disappointed in myself. i've just been so down and lonely and doubting my decision to move here--it was totally out of character for me not to give it all i've got. then today i had an appointment with an agent...i was hesitant because i know how hard it is to get one out here...everyone tells you they're all scam artists so i was hesitant, but this agent made me feel so great...not because he was kissing my booty, but because he was upfront honest telling me what i need to do and he totally has my back. i'm pumped to get started...

now all i have to do is get that ever so cliche part time job...now is the time to donate to tish's "i'm a po girl from the midwest trying to make it big in hollywood" fund. lol. holla at your girl!


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