calling on langston

In case I forgot to mention it, one of my favorite colors is green...and it just so happens to be the color Langston Hughes always used when writing letters, post cards, etc. to those that he cared about and so forth. :) So THAT is why I always will post in green. I just love the idea of following in his footsteps...he was a brilliant man.

Anywho, I just wrapped for the day on Sarve's film for his film school class. We shoot again tomorrow all day but today was the really fun part. I had to bring on the tears. I was doing so well. Everyone just let me sit there quietly by myself and I started to do what I do mentally in order to cry and the tears just started the time you do three takes though you start to lose the edge and so by the fourth, fifth time I was all dried out and I got a little frustrated with myself...I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks...I was disappointed, but Sarve was happy and that's all that matters. :) He also gave me a copy of my first film I did with him, Fundamental Nature. It rocks ya'll so if you want to see it let me know and the next time we're hanging I'll bring it. It's great let me tell ya! I still roll.

Today I set my uncle up big time. Shannon, my roomie, came home early to surprise the fool and I played's sweet to play the match maker cuz I'm definitely in a love rut so why not.

I meet up with a past English professor of mine, Teresa, tomorrow morning too. Won't it just be a glorious day?! I haven't seen this woman in years. She was my freshman year prof. I love KU...see how many cool people it brought me!?

As for personal time with Tishy wishy, it's lonely as heck out here...I miss my best guy friend and confidant, Mr. Movie Marathoner...sigh. Joanie Mitchell said, "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" If only he knew...


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