1st day in la la land

OK so the first day in La La land was interesting. I've encountered a break up, had to leave friends, witnessed my new home. It was crazy. I've typed this blog once already and it erased my crap so we'll see if I can do it again...grrr....computers are not our friends. So today we totally did the tour thing. We got into town and we met up with a friend who's in film school out here in Burbank. He took us to a mexican restaurant where someone interrupted our meal and asked if we were movie stars. It was quite cute actually. Then we went on 'the tour'. We saw the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood sign, cruised on Sunset Blvd, saw the Santa Monica beach. It was all really surreal...I didn't feel like I was home, but I guess I am. I knew going into this situation that the geography wasn't the perk for moving...So whether or not I like this place I have to suck it up and try my luck.

Tonight we sat around this little apartment complex pool (think Melrose place) and drank and hung out with other acting and film students and it was nice. I'm still a little overwhelmed, but this will work out...It has to work out....I can't except anything else!


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