i hate myspace

i hate myspace!!!!

i just wrote a WHOLE freaking huge blog and it totally just erased the whole thing. i've got mad work to do (i.e. memorizing lines) and i don't have time to write all that out again. i said some pretty cute and witty things too. i'm quite upset right now. this is actually worse then the time i was writing a big ole paper and erased 15 pages at once and couldn't get them back...this is worse!

ok so recap...damn it.

i woke up this morning feeling like "chunky butt" from another planet so i vowed to myself that i would eat nutritous and scrumptious food today..and i immediately blew it. crush and i went to this diner place for lunch and i freaking had a tuna melt..so i've felt like pooh pooh all day long...maybe it's the food that made me loose everything on the internet...maybe if i would have eaten more healthy i would have been more alert..would have seen the signs pointing to a computer melt down and prepared myself appropriately...but noooooo

ok so there is a point to all of this. i have no self control. none! i am supposed to be memorizing lines and i'm not..i was supposed to eat healthy and i did not. what's wrong with my weak lil behind?! get some pecadillos tishy!

fast forward to a new topic:

so i am memorizing lines from this movie "sex lies and videotapes". ever heard of it? i have, but never watched the darn thing. this is good cuz i have a terrible time playing a character after i've seen it done by someone else..i need to birth the character of my own free will...did that sound artsy fartsy enough for ya'll? i think i overdid it a smidge. if anyone has a good synopsis for me (i've already read imdb's and rotten tomatoes) so don't even think about cheating then let me know. :)

i just found out one of my boys is in love. it's very cute...to the point where days ago i would have thrown up in my mouth...just a teeny bit because i would have been jealous...you see, i was stood up not once, but twice this weekend by two different boys. yes ladies..."i'm not a player i just crush a lot" (that finally makes sense to me! i totally interpreted that differently before) i spoke to my mo this weekend and i could feel her pity and shame from thousands of miles away...quite sad. "i would like to think the foreign press and all of you in the audience for this loser award" we can't all have perfect lives now can we?

i did want to give two (technically three) shout outs for the day. the first going to whitney houston and bobby brown....this is a shout out of support...PLEASE stay together...i dont' know what society would do with two crackheads on the loose...i shudder to think.

the third shout out goes to my girl lex for holding it down in new orleans once again. she just recently moved back to start grad school back up again...bugs, mold and all she's doing the darn thing. she's only been there for a little while, but she has become synomonous with nola nonetheless. it's a very difficult city to digest...the racial make up of that town is attrocious (no pun intended--they still do black face i don't care what kind of tradition it is!) thru all of that though she finds the beauty and the magic in living there..when she became synomonous with the city, it became beautiful :) love that girl!

ok. have to memorize lines..i am cynthia...i will memorize and learn!

my party is coming up this weekend. the one where i get to create goals for the year and strategies to succeed in attaining those goals...i can't wait. i'll tell you all the details after sunday!


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